We are a group of Israeli and Palestinian women, collectively advocating in our individual and organizational capacities for a just political solution to the conflict, and female representation in its negotiation and implementation.  We embody Security Council Resolution 1325, which requires the parties involved in violent conflicts to respect women’s rights and support the participation and representation of women in peace negotiation processes and conflict resolution.

We are all fully committed to the following principles: human rights, including freedom, equality, the right of self-determination, personal and collective security, and democracy in its essential and complete sense.  We do not promote political solutions which are inconsistent with these principles.

Our mechanisms for achieving this vision are:

1. Putting our group’s goals into action by promoting political solutions and involving women in negotiation procedures, especially by exerting pressure on decision-makers and raising public awareness. This will include a media campaign, engaging embassies and women in media, meeting decision-makers, and more.

2. Forming a pool of women who will participate in discussions and decision-making procedures, trained in practical tools for participating in negotiations, relevant political solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which match our values stated above, and key issues such as Jerusalem, water, climate etc. Thought this process we will reach out to contacts who can help us connect to political procedures.

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